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Auto dealers face no shortage of web strategy options. Here’s why so many of them have selected CreditSmarts'AutoWebExperts solution:

Turnkey Website with Add-On Enterprise Email
Implementing an Internet presence can be a daunting challenge even for some of the most technology savy companies. For the typical auto dealer, the challenge can be even greater. CreditSmarts solves all that by providing turnkey website capabilites. No longer does an auto dealer have to worry about all the issues that come along with setting up a website, such as where/how to host the site, as CreditSmarts takes care of all that.

Using CreditSmarts's AutoWebExperts™, we can have your website site up and running with in days, as compared to weeks if you were to build it yourself or hire someone to build it. That means you don't have to costly network to support and no expensive technology staff to hire.

With a CreditSmarts AutoWebExperts™ website, we host, deploy and manage your website for a low monthly fee. We can provide you with 10 email accounts using the domain name of your choice, plus a select list of standard email adresses like Moreover, you have full control over the content of the site and can choose different graphics and color schemes. You can even get your email through your AutoWebExperts™ site and view website traffic statistics in real-time!

Translation: your customers get access to your business through your online web and email systems which allows you to create a new channel for acquiring new customers and servicing current and repeat business.

Real-Time Customer Financing
At CreditSmarts, we understand the financial challenges of doing business in today's market. Our goal is simple - allow auto dealers to do what they do best - sell product. Why spend time shopping rates and lenders? Simply enter your customer financing needs into the CreditSmarts LoanLocator™ system and we forward the loan request to the appropriate lenders. Those lenders will present the best possible pricing available for the customer. CreditSmarts will timely route the pricing offers back to you, permitting the selection of the best offer suited to your customer's financing needs - all in real-time!

Not only do you get access to CreditSmarts's world-class LoanLocator™ system, your customers can get financing directly through your AutoWebExpert's site, so that they can often be pre-approved for a loan before even reaching your showroom.

Translation: your customers get better rates, helping you to improve your closing ratios, through our online credit matching system - all within seconds!

Real-time Inventory Management
CreditSmarts's asset liquidation model is an open market place for inventory management and liquidation. A sellers list assets into the database, which provides the information to prospective buyers within the specified geographic location. Buyers will present an offer based upon the desired asset.

Great Service

It’s not that we don’t like our customers. We just don’t want them to call us. Sound strange? The way we see it, the best service we can provide our customers is a problem-free hosting experience, so they won’t have to call us. We’ve stocked our online site management tools with more information and value-added services than most. AutoWebExperts customers can use our site to modify and setup their site, read/write emails, view credit reports, manage inventory, get customer financing, view credit reports, and much more.

Of course, there will always be times when our customers need us. That’s why we have friendly, knowledgeable Account Specialists ready to answer questions. We strive to make on-hold times short to non-existent for our callers and email responses to be fast, accurate, and thorough. CreditSmarts customers value their time as much as their money, and CreditSmarts values its customers.

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